Thank you for considering the Grief Recovery Method®. I’m Yvonne Bonilla and I’m honored to support you as you transcend your feelings of grief and loss.


I'm Here For You

Hi, I’m so glad you stopped by. I’m Yvonne, and my mission is to provide support to those struggling with grief, loss and heartbreak. Although I can’t fully comprehend your unique emotional state, I can relate, having navigated my own share of grief and heartbreak that left me utterly lost.

My journey through grief commenced when I assumed the role of caregiver for my terminally ill mother. She had always been my rock, my confidante, and my unwavering source of support. Witnessing her transformation from strong,
resilient to her suffering through her illness shattered my heart. Her loss left a profound void within me, marking the most agonizing experience of my life.
Prior to my mother’s illness, I had encountered other significant losses, but like many, I buried my emotions, pushing myself to “stay strong” or “tough it out” because I lacked the knowledge to confront these sorrows. However, this time, I had no alternative but to confront my grief; I couldn’t continue living in a state of despair.

A dear friend directed me to a grief specialist, a pivotal moment for which I’m profoundly grateful. Working with this counselor, I discovered the value of open, validating dialogue. For most of my life, I had mishandled my losses by suppressing my emotions, allowing them to fester until they became unbearable. I was confronted with a choice: confront my issues or seek refuge in temporary distractions. I ultimately chose healing over perpetual pain.

Today, I stand before you to share this journey -the journey of healing and growth. To discover that with the right tools, you can recover and overcome your pain. Through my experience and expertise, I hope to offer you solace and guidance. You are not alone, there’s light ahead even in this dark moment.

Free Consultation

Seeking help is a deeply personal decision and it is essential that you feel comfortable and safe with your grief counselor. I offer a free introductory phone consultation so we can talk a bit and determine if we work well together.

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